Customer specifications of self-adhesive washers MONTIX®

MONTIX® according to customer specifications

The benefits to be gained by using MONTIX® self-adhesive washers:

  • Always to hand
  • Quantity required simply counted and removed, facilitates order picking
  • Washer already positioned on the right side for easy removal and application
  • Self-adhesive: both hands free for fitting

All stamped materials processed:

  • Non-alloy steel (in accordance with EN 10139)
  • Tempered steel (in accordance with EN 10132-3)
  • Case hardened steel (in accordance with EN 10132-2)
  • Spring steel (in accordance with EN 10132-4)
  • Stainless steel/rust-proof steels (in accordance with EN 10088-1)
  • Heat-resistant stainless steels
  • Non-ferrous metals, aluminium, bronze, copper, brass, titanium
  • Other materials upon request

MONTIX® dimensions:

  • Thickness: 0.2 mm - 6.0 mm
  • Outer diameter: 15 mm - 140 mm

Surface treatment:

  • To be agreed upon

Further lasting innovations from Rafflenbeul:

  • Self-adhesive stamped parts
  • Adhesive stamped shaped parts
  • Self-adhesive stamped coined parts
  • Self-adhesive deep drawn parts
  • Adhesive locking washers
  • Adhesive rolled locking pins

We are also capable of supplying all the DIN parts mentioned above in non-standard dimensions e.g. with other lips or modified diameters in the thickness you require. Parts deviating from the DIN standard dimensions are available both in special materials and in steel.

MONTIX® – adhesive washers and shimming washers – yet another innovative product from Rafflenbeul Stahlwarenfabrik – guaranteed to stick.

Rafflenbeul, the TS 16949 certified specialists for individual stamped and formed parts.

Examples of self-adhesive washers MONTIX®