What is MONTIX®

MONTIX® is a self-adhesive washer.

Simply use them as they come in the pack — secure fixing of the washer in position guaranteed.
Self-adhesive washers are always handy, just detach from the tape and apply! They will stick and stay stuck.

The advantages of MONTIX® at a glance

  • Versatile and fast fixing
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Individually executable for your application
  • Self-adhesive with solvent-free adhesive

MONTIX® washers are available in the following dimensions

MONTIX® M3 washersMontix® M3

MONTIX® M4 washersMontix® M4

MONTIX® M5 washersMontix® M5

MONTIX® M6 washersMontix® M6

MONTIX® M8 washersMontix® M8

MONTIX® M10 washersMontix® M10

MONTIX® M12 washersMontix® M12

MONTIX® washers according to customer requirementsIndividually size according to customer

The self-adhesive washers MONTIX® are suitable for a variety of applications